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One 200 Amp pass through 12kw inverter, 10 KW LifePo4 battery for whole home backup applications. Battery has RS485 and Can Bus communication ports, batteries are stackable up to 16 units. Compatible with: Victron, Luxpower, Growatt,...48v 200 Ah Lithium LiFePO4 battery. One 240V EMP, lightning, surge, solar-flare device for 240V AC whole home protection.

Small Home Back-Up System Bundle With EMP 10KW Battery

SKU: 2634969646
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  • One 12kw Hybrid Solar Inverter With 18kw PV Input | 120/240 Split Phase and One 10KW LS-48200 LiFePo4 Battery wall mount with 240V AC EMP Shield. 


    LXP-LB-US 12K AC coupling function, Peak shaving function, Smart load control, Support up to 10pcs in parallel 12kW UPS output split phase LCD color touch screen, 3 MPPT inputs, maximum up to 18 kW Breakers (Load and battery) are integrated 200A AC bypass current
    Separate generator interface available Integrated UPS module, on/off grid seamless switching under 20ms

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